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EUR/USD hanging on to bullish channel support at 1.1200 Cypress unarmed security offers and private security clients an armed security solutions. CPS before they get their assignment fully equipped armed security personnel and a rigorous training program to undergo psychological screening. Both armed and unarmed training program for officers of the CPS is the highest quality in the designed for. Training the force, report writing and documentation, using the Critical Incident Response upgraded the subject of a myriad of criminal law, a CPS officer armed with a well-equipped and highly trained security officers are making Cypress Private Security Appoints Industry Veteran Mike Chang as Senior Vice President Cypress Private Security announces the appointment of security industry veteran Michael Chang as senior vice president. Mike is a valued addition to the Cypress ex Asian stocks continued to draw support from Chinese measures to spur lending and combat a slowing economy. On Sunday, China's central bank cut the reserve requirement ratio for the country's lenders for the second time in two months. The Shanghai Composite Index was also spurred by comments from state media which declared the bull market "has just begun."

GBP/USD rallied up to resistance at 1.5500 after Tory majority in UK Election

The Greek government's looming cash crunch weighed on local markets as Greek stocks hit a three-year low and the two-year bond yield hovered around 30 percent. All other peripheral and core euro zone bond yields were lower, however. European finance ministers meet to discuss Greece this week for what had been billed as a crunch meeting. The deadline will be pushed back, however, and the market remained cautious after Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis cited signs of convergence on Tuesday. European Central Bank board member Benoit Coeure said the ECB will continue to fund Greek banks as long as they were solvent and dismissed the growing talk that Greece might ditch the euro.

USD/JPY still rangebound between 118.50 support and resistance at 120.50

EURUSD continues to drift in "no-man's" land, Larsen adds and with a liquidity shortage ongoing and Greek headlines simmering in the background, Larsen puts support at 1.0625 and resistance at 1.0840 and has a warning on the vols impact the liquidity shortage is having. "EURUSD vols keep increasing as the market gets more reactive on the back of these relatively huge moves in the market on a daily basis," he says. EURUSD was at 1.0768 at 0655 GMT. Nurse, nurse! From the Floor's picked up a few battle wounds in its time and likes nothing better than a period of rehabilitation in the local hospice. It might come as no surprise then that the healthcare sector continues to thrive and is helping spark some serious mergers and acquisition activity. "Across the board, you are seeing biotech, pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies performing particularly well," says Saxo Bank's head of equities Peter Garnry, ahead of results for Roche which is up 2% pre-market. "We expect M&A to pick up and this underpins the whole underlying health of the health sector," he says. Garnry has words of encouragement too for Tesco (LONDON:TSCO) which, despite revealing a £6.38 billion loss in London this morning, is still "in turnaround". "If you strip out the one-off items it seems that they are stabliising and the fact that shares were up 2% pre-market seems to suggest investors are clearly happy," he says. Elsewhere, the Shanghai Composite index brushed itself down after the stutters earlier this week to hit a fresh seven-year high and DAX continues to revolve around the 12,000 mark like a moth around light.

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